Tissue paper

Jute, cotton

& non-woven

Paper bags



Printed giftwraps


• SayWhat? per Nestle'

• AlwaysMine

• OttavioRoma per Crodino®

• GrowLife - Mygrass

• Guillermo Fiori

   Case history  

Entrusting our over-twenty-year experience, many Customers asked us for additional services to our traditional business: thanks to our national and international contacts, we have been able to find solutions to their demands that often went beyond the usual supply of exclusive packaging.

Even if we also served well known brands, our solutions do not require "industrial" quantities or expensive investments: are you looking for something peculiar outside the packaging market? without any committment or advanced cost, we will try to find it together with you.

In the space nearby some "case histories": to list them all would require a new site

For those reasons, we have wanted to change the subtitle of our brand: now, more close to our job, becomes "packaging & solutions."